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Abstract: the protection tube of glass reinforced plastic cable is based on resin, and the continuous glass fiber and its fabric are reinforced materials, which can be controlled by the computer to control the winding process or the forming of the extrusion process.与其他材质的管道比较,玻璃钢管道具有以下一些显着的优点:Compared with other materials, fiberglass pipes have the following advantages:(1)耐腐蚀性好。玻璃钢管道能抵抗酸性、碱性流体,非流体的侵蚀,在一般情况下,钢管使用年限为15年,铸铁管为5–10年,而玻璃钢管可使用50年。(1) good corrosion resistance. The glass steel pipe can resist acid, alkaline fluid, and non-fluid erosion. Under normal circumstances, the length of steel tube is 15 years, the cast iron tube is 5 to 10 years, and the glass tube can be used for 50 years.(2)防污抗蛀。不饱和聚脂树脂的管道表面洁净光滑,其特殊介质不会被菌类等生物玷污蛀腐,例如,钢管、铸铁或钢筋混凝土管道,表面易被微生物附蛀而且难以清除,以致增大粗糙率,减少过水断面。而玻璃钢管道在避光情况下不会产生微生物,因此无污染,长期使用洁净如初。(2) antifouling and mothproofing. Unsaturated polyester resin pipe clean smooth surface, its special medium will not be decay fungi and other biological defiled decayed, for example, steel pipes, cast iron or steel reinforced concrete pipe, surface vulnerable to microbial decay and difficult to remove, so that increase the rough rate, reduce water section. And the glass steel pipe will not produce microorganism in the light of the light, so it is free of pollution and long term clean.(3)耐热性、抗冻性能好。可–40℃—80℃的范围内长期使用,若采用特殊配方的树脂可在110℃以上的温度下工作。(3) good heat resistance and cold resistance. Can - 40 ℃, 80 ℃ within the scope of use for a long time, if the use of special formula of resin can work under the temperature of above 110 ℃.(4)工程寿命长,安全可靠。管道经久耐用,安全系数在6以上。其管道寿命达可长达50–100年。例如,由深圳至香港的供水工程在香港一侧建成的引水管道,长50KM,分别为两种内径2.2m和1.7m的玻璃钢管道,从1965年安装使用至今扔完好无损。(4) long life and safety and reliability. The pipeline is durable and the safety factor is above 6. Its pipeline can last 50 to 100 years. From shenzhen to Hong Kong, for example, built in the water supply project in Hong Kong side of the water diversion pipe, 50 km long, two kinds of inner diameter of 2.2 m and 1.7 m respectively of FRP pipes, installed in 1965 still intact.(5)自重轻、强度高、运输安装方便。玻璃钢管道的比重约为1.8,管道的环向拉伸强度为100–200Mpa(接近于钢管),轴向拉伸强度为320Mpa。玻璃钢管道每根有效长度可达12m,较混凝土管道可减少三分之二的接头。单、双密封承插式连接,安装快速简便,施工工期比钢管、铸铁管、混凝土管可缩短1/3,且免除安装钢管所需的焊接和防锈等烦琐工序。(5) light weight, high strength, convenient transportation and installation. The proportion of the glass steel pipe is about 1.8, the loop of the pipe has a tensile strength of 100 to 200Mpa (close to the steel pipe), and the axial tensile strength is 320Mpa. The effective length of the glass steel pipe can reach 12m, and it can be reduced by two thirds compared with the concrete pipe. Single, double seal socket connection, quick and easy installation, the construction period of steel tube, cast iron pipe, concrete tube can be shortened by 1/3, and avoid the installation of steel tube required welding and anti-rust and so on.(6)摩阻力小,输送能力高。玻璃管道内表面非常光滑,粗糙率(0.0084)和摩阻力很小(远小于钢管和铸铁管的粗糙度)。计算水力学所采用的哈森威廉(Hazen-Williams)系数C可以长期保持在145–150的范围内,测试得到其水流摩阻损失系数f为0.000915,较混凝土管(f=0.00232)和钢管(f=0.00179)能显着减少沿程的流体压力损失,提高输送能力20%以上。因此,在输送能力相同时,工程可选用内径较小的玻璃管道,从而降低一次性的工程投入;若采用同等内径的管道,玻璃钢管道可比其他材质管道减少压力损失,即节省泵的功率和能源(约30%–40%),降低长期的运行费用。(6) small resistance and high throughput. The inner surface of the glass tube is very smooth, the rough rate (0.0084) and the friction resistance are very small (far less than the roughness of the steel tube and cast iron pipe). Adopted by the computing hydraulics Hazen William (Hazen - Williams) coefficient C can keep for a long time in 145-150 range, testing the flow friction loss coefficient is 0.000915, f (f = 0.00232) and a concrete pipe steel pipe (f = 0.00179) can significantly reduce the fluid pressure loss along the path, improve the transmission capacity of more than 20%. Therefore, in the same time, the engineering can choose the small inner diameter glass pipe to reduce the one-time project input. If the pipe with the same inner diameter is used, the glass steel pipe can reduce the pressure loss compared with other materials, which is to save the power and energy of the pump (about 30% to 40%), and reduce the long-term running cost.(7)电、热绝缘性好。玻璃钢是绝缘体,管道的电绝缘性能优,最适合使用于输电线、电信线路密集区和多雷区;玻璃钢的传热系数很小(0.25kcal/m?h?℃),管道的保温性能良。耐磨性好。把含有大量泥浆、沙石的水,装入管道中进行旋转磨损影响对比试验。经300万次旋转后,检测管道内壁的磨损程度如下:用焦油和瓷釉涂层的钢管为0.53mm;用环氧树脂和焦油涂层的钢管为0.52mm;经表面硬化处理的钢管为0.48mm;玻璃钢管为0.21mm。由此可以说明其相当耐磨。(7) good electrical and thermal insulation. The glass steel is an insulator, and the insulation performance of the pipe is excellent. It is suitable for use in power lines, telecommunication lines and multi-minefields. The heat transfer coefficient of glass steel is very small (0.25 kcal/m? H? ℃), the pipe heat preservation performance is good. Good wear resistance. Test the impact of rotating wear in the pipe by water containing a large amount of mud and sand. After 3 million rotation, the wear of the inner wall of the test tube was as follows: steel pipe with tar and enamel coating was 0.53 mm; Steel pipe with epoxy resin and tar coating is 0.52 mm; The steel tube treated with surface hardening is 0.48mm; The glass tube is 0.21mm. This shows that it is quite wear-resistant.(9)工程维修简便节约。玻璃钢管道由于上述的耐腐蚀、耐磨和抗冻、抗污等性能,因此工程不需要进行防锈防蚀、防污、绝缘等措施。对地埋管无需作保护,可节约工程维护费用70%以上。如遇到意外的破坏也很容易修复。(9) simple maintenance of engineering maintenance. Because of the corrosion resistance, wear-resisting and anti-freezing, anti-fouling and other properties of the fiberglass pipe, the project does not require anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, insulation, etc. There is no need to protect the buried pipe, and can save more than 70% of the cost of maintenance. It is also easy to repair if there is an accident.(10)可设计性、适应性强。根据具体的使用情况,可对管道的具体性能及形状进行设计:(10) design and adaptability. According to the specific usage situation, the specific performance and shape of the pipeline can be designed:a:可对缠绕时的缠绕角进行设计,以使管道具有不同的轴/环向强度分配;A: the winding Angle can be designed to make the pipe have different axial/ring strength distribution.b:可对管道壁厚进行设计,以使管道可以承受不同的内外压;B: the wall thickness can be designed so that the pipe can withstand different internal and external pressure.c:可对材料进行设计,以达到不同的耐腐蚀目的、阻燃目的、介电目的等;C: the material can be designed to achieve different corrosion resistance, flame retardant and dielectric purposes.d:可对接头方式进行设计,应用不同的安装条件,以提高工程安装速度;D: can design the joint way and apply different installation conditions to improve the installation speed of the project;e:可对产品形状进行设计,以满足具体的形状需要。E: the shape of the product can be designed to meet the specific shape needs.F:可对管道刚度进行设计,以满足不同的载荷要求。F: the stiffness of the pipe can be designed to meet different load requirements.

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